December/January 2021

Vol. 22, Issue 9

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Time Versalift acquires Ruthmann, Zoomlion launches 217ft boom, Magni adds fixed frames, electric crawlers from Liebherr, Artic upgrades Raptor, Spierings ships e-Lift cranes, Bobcat brands Magni 360s, Mammoet readies Focus 30, US crane investigation dropped, new CTE spider lift, Multitel launches MJ range, Palfinger introduces Smart Plus line, JLG Davinci scissor launched, Sarens adds depots, France Elévateur updates Topy 11 - plus a roundup of the latest financials, acquisitions and news highlights.

Crawler cranes (PDF, 628.98 KB)
As a new generation of larger, higher, wind turbines become commonplace, Will North reports on how wind farm developers are employing larger lattice and telescopic crawler cranes to install them.

Rental rate guide (PDF, 3.43 MB)
In the 20 years of compiling our annual UK and Ireland rental rate survey this one has to stand out as one of the strangest given the current pandemic, although perhaps the industry fared better than most in 2020?

Scissor lifts (PDF, 1.32 MB)
With almost 90 percent of all scissor lifts already battery powered, we take a look at the remaining 10 percent that remains diesel powered which mostly consists of full size Rough Terrain models.

Wind safety (PDF, 1.18 MB)
A serious wind farm accident in 2008 led to a decade long process of safety improvements in the sector and offers a casebook example of how to build understanding of safety between all those involved. Will North speaks to Klaus Meissner and Ton Klijn who explain the resources available to ensure safe lifting on wind farms.

Look back 2020 (PDF, 2.49 MB)
Without a doubt 2020 was a bad year, and one that certainly requires no reminders. So rather than focus on the bad we have decided to avoid it entirely and instead focus on all the good news that may have been overlooked throughout the year.


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