What was he thinking?

Just received – photos of a man riding a man basket on a tower crane at Bauma, but not in the usual way.

He was spotted by a few people riding the roof/top of the man basket on the hook of a Wolffkran tower crane at the show.
Can you spot the man?

According to the photographer, when the man basket touched down on the roof of the booth, the man fell off his perch onto the roof. We assume that if so he was unhurt.
According to our reader/photographer he fell as the basket touched down.

Why people do this at all is mystifying, but at a major trade show is even harder to fathom. A definite one for our Death Wish series.


We have now been told - see comment below - that this was in fact a well practiced stunt by Messe Munchen as part of a campaign to promote Bauma 2016. The stunt included the fall.

We have not yet managed to confirm this categorically but it will still raise questions among our more safety concious readers, including those who think that any advert using this theme is innappropriate and misguided.


Most definitely inappropriate. Stunts have no place in our industry!

May 8, 2013

It was a well practiced stunt. The man is a parcours runner for the Bauma video, which will be published this summer.

May 7, 2013

Gordon Leicester
Who ever this is he must have big balls! If this is why he's not wearing a harness perhaps he might wish to contact me and I will send him a new ZT harness without groin straps!!


May 6, 2013

OK, there is no doubt that the bloke on the top of the man basket is an absolute idiot, however, what the hell was the crane operator doing, allowing the lift to go ahead? The operator was the person in total control of this situation and allowed the dangerous lift to take place. Sorry to hear that the guy fell from the basket, hope he's ok - maybe its getting more like one for the Darwin Awards than a Death Wish !

May 6, 2013
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