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Kosran to launch new SAC system

Kosran is launching its Safety Access Control (SAC) system at Vertikal Days, following successful field trials.

The system was specifically designed and developed to prevent unauthorised use of access equipment on job sites and can be easily retrofitted to most aerial work platforms. It requires the user to enter a unique, four digit PIN code before the machine will activate. If the operator does not have the right code, the lift remains shut down.

The rental company or machine owner can allocate up to 100 PINs to each machine and monitor in real time who is using it via their PIN - this also means multiple contractors working on the same site can share machines.
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The keypad on Kosran's new SAC system

Kosran says that the SAC system is the only technology on the market that provides remote control over both the aerial lift and who can operate it. Another feature is the telematic converter, linking the keypad PIN code-operated immobilisation system to any tracking device. This allows the machine owner to view and remotely add or delete authorised keypad PIN codes from a laptop, PC, or an App for smart phones and tablets.

The telemetry also enables rental companies to remotely track detailed information on machine usage and location, in real time. Kosran also produces daily and weekly reports, helping rental companies to identify each site’s machine requirements – and to accurately bill multiple contractors for their precise usage of each machine.

The technology can significantly increase machine utilisation and revenues, while helping plan machine servicing, based on actual hours of operation. It also enables the holding of a spare stock of machines on site, in order to reduce transport costs.

Kosran chief executive Patrick Sheeran said: “The main driver behind developing SAC was to increase site and worker safety by preventing unauthorised use of aerial lifts by unqualified operators. However we have taken the concept further by combining it with telematics, creating the first system on the market that gives fleet owners complete remote control of their machines, including who is authorised to use them.”

“This empowers rental companies to truly manage their fleets efficiently, meaning the system delivers a full payback in as little as 60 days.”

Nationwide Platforms fitted 140 Kosran SAC systems to a fleet it supplied to Skanska for the Royal Hospital / St Bart’s redevelopment in London. The system, re-branded by Nationwide as SkySentry, allows Skanska to ensure that only suitably qualified sub-contractors can use the machines. It also enables Nationwide to accurately bill the contractor and 22 sub-contractors for the hours spent on each lift; and to keep a stock of machines on-site.

Nationwide now has 500 Kosran SAC systems with Balfour Beatty, at Heathrow Terminal 2 and contractors on the Hydro, Crossrail projects and will be conducting a full product launch later in 2013.

Sheeran added: “Thanks to the feedback and engagement from Nationwide Platforms and Skanska, we know we have a proven, robust and high quality product that we can now take to market.”

Kosran is officially launching SAC at Vertikal Days 2013 - June 26th /27th and will be demonstrating the system and offering a free seminar from 11.00-11.45am each day in the Marketplace