Crane over

A two axle All Terrain crane overturned earlier today in Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK, while lifting roof trusses onto a new home under construction in the town.
The crane boom landed on the building

The crane, which is owned and operated by Norwich based Quinto Crane Hire, appears from to have been operating with outriggers retracted, and yet with full boom extended. The ground seems to have yielded a little and the crane overturned with the boom coming down onto the new building and reaching into the property beyond. The crane operator escaped injury, and no one else was hurt in the incident.
A view from the rear

The recovery was due to happen this evening, with a larger crane working from the street which was set to be closed during the operation.
From the photograph we received it does not look as though mats were used

Following the incident Quinto released the following statement:
“We can confirm a Quinto crane overturned yesterday on a building site in Hinckley, Leicestershire. The crane was working under CPA terms. Contrary to what has been written, outrigger pads were in place and being used at the time but were ejected as the crane overturned. Their impressions can be seen where the ground gave way. The crane was operating within its duty capacity.
No one was injured in the incident.

A recovery crew were dispatched straight away to the scene and were there today recovering the crane. We would like to thank the surrounding neighbours for their patience and support for the crane operator. A full investigation is currently in operation.”


I too am saddened by some of these comments. However I am more saddened by the fact that in this day and age, with an ever increasing focus on crane safety, there are still "operators" who display a lack of basic crane skills, a disregard for same, and employers who will send them out. Luckily, in this case the only damage was bent steel, and dented pride.

Oct 27, 2016

Nicely put and well said

Oct 23, 2016

As a long standing Quinto employee I am saddened by some of the comments here. I really enjoy working for this company now that Mr Arnold has invested so much and turned this company around. From my point of view that I feel much safer and backed up by the staff with what has been put in place since he took over.
We should all work together in making this industry a safer place to work. I do wonder on some comments - are they just peeved ex-employees?! And how about constructive comments only?
What I do know is Quinto, like ANYONE, is not above the law - of course everyone was notified that should have been; what a ridiculous comment to make "upping the game"!
I will not be posting again as I am just so annoyed with what has been written and do not want to read what some people may add after this.

Oct 22, 2016

Good Afternoon Mr Ghost,

English Law holds all Employers to be Vicarious Liable for the Acts of Employees:- ‘ if the Act complained of was in the Course of his or her Employment’.

Therefore if Quinto is the Employer of this Crane Operator, then Quinto is Vicarious Liable for this Crane Overturning in Hinckley on Friday 141016.


The Management (HSW) Regulations 1999 in section 3(1) requires all UK Employers to undertake a ‘ Suitable and Sufficient (Risk) Assessment of the Risks to the Safety of his employees while they are at work and the Risks to Safety of persons not in his employment arising out of or in connection with the conduct by him of his (Crane Rental company) undertaking’. (Paraphrased)


The Risk Assessment then becomes the Basis of Drafting a Method Statement (RAMS) that must incorporate a ’Safe System of Work’ to ensure that No-one get Killed or Injured in the Event of an Incident. The RAMS must include full extension of the Cranes Outriggers (and use of Mats) to maximise Crane Stability in line with British Standard 7121.

So the Only way that the MD Oliver Arnold of Quinto can prove that he has indeed upheld his statutory ‘Duty of Care’ to his Employees and to those non-Employees in Hinckley within the Fall Radius of this Crane, is by publishing the RAMS for this Potentially Fatal Crane Lift at Hinckley on 141016.

My Ongoing Spreadsheet confirms that 309 Men, Women and Children have now been Killed by Cranes and/or Lifting Operations Worldwide since August 2011.

Worker Safety is Important.

Kind Regards
Mike Ponsonby

Oct 20, 2016

upping the game
Leicester Mercury newspaper has the recovery filmed and on there website, i would like to see the risk assessment for that!!

Working at height from a damaged scaffold with no fall protection.
Chains round the outrigger jack and returned to the master ring.
300ton crane with standard steel mats on the footpath.

Not very well planned!

Oct 20, 2016

upping the game
Just heard the operator has been sacked and the HSE had not been informed..

Poor show from a company of this size and experience

Oct 20, 2016

Mike - Why is it down to Quinto to publish the method statement? It was a CPA lift. Aside from that, I agree with upping the game - Quinto has gone down hill and their complete denial of what appears to be operator error backs this up - if it was operating within it's duty capacity, the crane wouldn't be lying on its side. If the operator had had some gumption about him, he would've refused to even put an outrigger down, let alone raise the boom without asking for proper mats to put on what is obviously a substandard pavement.

Oct 19, 2016

Oliver Arnold Esq
Managing Director
Quinto Crane and Plant Ltd
Anton Road
Norwich. NR6 6EH

Good Afternoon Mr Arnold,

Please Publish the Risk Assessment and Method Statement ( RAMS) for this Crane Lift in Hinckley last Friday 14th October 2016.
As this
Crane Overturned due to having the Outriggers Retracted and was potentially Fatal to other Workers both on-site and civilians nearby ?

Worker Safety is Important.

Kind Regards
Mike Ponsonby

Oct 18, 2016

Good Afternoon Mr Mayes,

Thank you for your kind words, but you can Copy and Paste if you want.
However despite what you may have been told by Mr Wood, I dont need to.

Kind Regards
Mike Ponsonby

Oct 18, 2016

upping the game
Sorry Tristam I think you are slightly wrong.
The Quinto name used to be a good company with a good rep and few incidents when it was ran by a gent and a team of people with experience and knowledge

"A recovery crew were dispatched straight away to the scene"
This comment seems a little strange to me,
I hope the HSE were informed and the scene was not disturbed as I believe this would be illegal.

Oct 17, 2016

Also, from the pictures, it looks like with a little planning and a little work, room could have been made to fully extend all outriggers. Then if a knowledgeable rigger or signalman suggested to the operator to put mats or timbers under the outriggers, we might not be discussing this totally avoidable incident.

Oct 16, 2016

The crane may well have ejected the outrigger mats but who in their right mind sets a crane up on a pavement that will most likely have buried services underneath and appears to be in poor condition? Larger timber mats should've been used if it's going to be set up on a pavement at all. I would question whether the computer was set to the right duty as a crane used on straight down duties should not be able to work on full stick without setting off the alarm. Can only be operator error, whether intentional or not.

Oct 16, 2016

Well its nice to see something from you Mike thats not full of copy and paste crap that normally comes from your posts, in Quinto's defence they are a very good company with very few incidents, how ever you cant babysit every driver and this time it seems the driver has made a school boy error, lucky enough tho nobody was injured and the only damage is the building and crane, and pride.

Oct 16, 2016

Good Afternoon Mr Wood,

“Leave it to the Experts” thats what you said to me in Edinburgh on Thursday 13th October 2011, "Leave it to the Experts” .

So my Question to you personally is Threefold….

1. Is this Employers Crane above one of the Experts that you had in Mind ?
or was it….
2. The Employer in Holland who Tipped Two (2) Big Mobile Cranes into Juliana Canal in Alphen en de Rhine on 2nd August 2015 ?
or perhaps the…
3. New York Employer who tipped Big Crawler Crane on 5th Feb 2016 and dropped 171m of Jib (561 Foot of Jib) down the Middle of St, killing David Wichs (38) ?

Please advise when time permits ?

As my 8 years of Research into Crane Safety confirms that 309 Men, Women and Children have now been Killed Worldwide by Cranes and Lifting Operations since August 2011.

Worker Safety is very important.

Kind Regards
Mike Ponsonby

Oct 16, 2016

Crane lads
You stupid man why? Thank god no one got killed.I know we have all taken a risk or two but this is madness.

Oct 15, 2016

Completely irresponsible on all parts from operator to customer clearly no RAMS in place looks too old a crane to have variable support base duties and total disregard for for ground bearing pressures the operator should have his CPCS card revoked there is no excuse for this in 2016

Thankfully no one was hurt

Oct 15, 2016

Outriggers fully retracted, no mats, main boom fully extended, working off the side, what could possibly go wrong ?!?

Oct 14, 2016
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