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Last chance to have your say

Over the past month we have been conducting the annual Cranes & Access UK/Ireland rental rates survey, which not only looks at average rental rates and trends, but also gauges optimism and market expectations, while giving you the chance to have your say on rental rate trends and developments – anonymously - unless you prefer to add your name. Either way numerical data is all totally confidential.

We would very much appreciate your input and support, in completing and returning them to us. Remember you only have to answer the questions that you feel comfortable with - there are no mandatory fields.

The links to the online forms are:
Crane hire click here
Aerial work platforms click here
Telehandlers click here

You can add your company name if you want to, or send the form back entirely anonymously. The data is not stored under any name, but simply added to the global survey database to calculate the average rates and utilisation for the industry as a whole. If you are still not comfortable in providing rates, then just answer as many non rate related questions as you fleet happy with.
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The survey results do not reveal any company details

We welcome input from around the world, so please do not hesitate.

If you have not already received a participation form or have mislaid it please let us know at [email protected] or [email protected]