Soft ground overturn

A four axle All Terrain crane overturned near Basel, Switzerland last month while dismantling a tower crane.

The incident occurred on March 14th in Laufen-Wahlen to the south of Basel. The crane, a four axle Liebherr from the MusfeldKran fleet, was working with the six section boom almost fully extended when the ground gave way beneath the left hand rear outrigger as the counterweight slewed over it with the boom fully elevated and no load.


The crane came to rest against the building under construction preventing it from being more serious. Cribbing and mats on the load side of the crane are clearly exemplary, but perhaps less attention was paid to the rear, in spite of this being the point of highest ground loadings in this configuration.

Information and photos courtesy of Polizei-Schweiz


And some very nice steel mats unused stacked alongside!

Apr 12, 2024