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November/December 2023 – Vol. 25, Issue 7 Pick & carry cranes (PDF, 953.29 KB)
In the past few years, the mobile pick & carry crane has made something of a comeback with the arrival of some sexy new products, mostly from Italian manufacturers. We take a look at the latest developments.

November/December 2022 – Vol. 24, Issue 7 Pick & carry cranes (PDF, 842.1 KB)
Traditional industrial pick & carry cranes have been popular, although relatively niche lifting products for many years and their basic concept has remained unchanged for 60 years. In recent years global sales have been relatively flat, however there may be signs of a resurgence…

July/August 2020 – Vol. 22, Issue 5 Pick & Carry cranes (PDF, 1.03 MB)
The pick & carry crane market has been growing in recent years after decades of decline. In Europe and the USA it is mostly classic ‘industrial cranes’ whereas in Australia and the Indian sub-continent articulated pick & carry cranes are the norm. We look at both markets and speak with Indian crane manufacturer, ACE.