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February/March 2024 – Vol. 26, Issue 1 Boom lifts (PDF, 1.13 MB)
Perhaps the biggest change to the self-propelled boom lift market in recent years is the rapid increase in the number of manufacturers with a growing volume of lifts built in China. We review the latest developments as well as looking into boom lift safety and accident statistics - particularly overturns and being thrown from the platform.

February/March 2023 – Vol. 25, Issue 1 Boom lifts (PDF, 1.06 MB)
While the self-propelled boom seems to have become a mature product the number of manufacturers has exploded in recent years as have the number of innovations. We review the reasons behind this, see the market reaction to JLG’s innovative 670SJ Self-Levelling boom and interview Desmond Soh, chief operating officer with Sinoboom.

April/May 2022 – Vol. 24, Issue 2 Boom lifts (PDF, 1.36 MB)
The boom lift is celebrating more than 50 years since it was first launched. Here we take a brief look at its history and the increasing number of manufacturers as well as the growing Chinese presence. We also review the latest products including the numerous self-levelling booms now available.

June 2021 – Vol. 23, Issue 3 Boom lifts (PDF, 807.91 KB)
Almost 50 years after John Grove introduced the first telescopic self-propelled boom lift there are now hundreds of models from a dizzying array of suppliers. We take a look at the latest new product introductions as well as some of the key factors in a purchasing decision.

April/May 2020 – Vol. 22, Issue 3 Boom lifts (PDF, 820.37 KB)
It is 50 years since JLG unveiled the first telescopic boom lift. We look at the history of the self-propelled boom lift since the very first model surfaced in 1956. Over the past year we have seen more innovative new product launches including significant developments at the top end of the market. Here we round up and review some of the latest models.

April/May 2019 – Vol. 21, Issue 3 Boom lifts (PDF, 939.54 KB)
The boom lift market is entering a phase of rapid change with dozens of new models set for launch over the next few years and developments led by the gathering pace of change towards all electric machines. We take a look at some of the latest developments and new products.