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February/March 2024 – Vol. 26, Issue 1 Heavy and alternative lifting (PDF, 991.52 KB)
UK based Durham Lifting offers a wide range of lifting and testing services. Editor Mark Darwin interviews managing director Amanda Gardiner about its history, recent developments and plans for the future. We also highlight a range of big lift projects from around the world.

February/March 2023 – Vol. 25, Issue 1 Alternative lifting (PDF, 1.55 MB)
The growing preference to prefabricate as much as possible off-site is leading to larger and heavier components, all of which need to be moved and lifted into place. But what about the road infrastructure? Can it cope? We talk with ESTA - the European Association of Abnormal oad Transport and Mobile Cranes - about the growing and damaging restrictions when using ageing infrastructure and look at several interesting projects from around the world.

February/March 2022 – Vol. 24, Issue 1 Alternative lifting (PDF, 1.15 MB)
Much of the transport infrastructure that was built in the mid-20th century is now reaching the end of its life…or gone well beyond it. Replacing major structures such as bridges is always a challenge. While cranes have frequently played a major role, a growing range of alternative lifting equipment and techniques is leading to a range of innovative methods.

November 2019 – Vol. 21, Issue 8 Alternative lifting and heavy transport (PDF, 1.59 MB)
Despite the increasing capacity of All Terrain, crawler and customer-built mega lift cranes, they cannot come close to raising some of the massive loads that need to be lifted and transported. This month we take a look at some of the alternative lifting and moving solutions from around the world.