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Basic superlift?

We have received two photos of a crane working somewhere in what looks like China- possibly the river front in Shanghai? We have no idea when they were taken or exactly what was going on.

As you can see from picture one the XCMG truck crane is working from a road alongside the river. A second crane appears to be supporting the base section of the truck crane’s boom. Why? Some form of basic superlift? We have no idea actually - this could be a precaution in case the crane loses stability, or perhaps it is struggling to bring its boom in or to raise it?
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Why might the crane need support?

While the second photo did not really shed any light on these questions it did highlight the unexpected load that the crane had on its hook, with what is a fairly long boom working at a low angle. It is of course a man basket.

So back to our questions, a capacity booster, extra precaution in case of a tip? or a recovery in progress?

Certainly a Friday conundrum, and definitely one for our Death Wish Series, Have a safe weekend.

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Perhaps as an extra precaution given that the load is human


Yep gentlemen. The XCMG 25t is now for sale with a second boom that will make it a 50t crane :-)

It's not the first time we see bad practice like that. Years ago a Chinese crane company lifted a yacht with a second crane attached on the main crane's boom...

Oct 10, 2015

Just looks like extra precaution to me. The slings look to have some slack in them. But not re ally best practice.

Oct 9, 2015
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