Crane over in UK

An All Terrain crane has overturned at a BOC bulk tank refurbishment centre in Leyland, Lancashire.

We have few details of the incident, apart from a photograph we have received, taken from the road outside. The crane, one of two four axle cranes that are based with the company that operates the site, looks to have completely flipped over onto its back.

We have no reports of anyone being hurt in the incident, although the operator would clearly have suffered from shock, bruises and possibly cuts. While crane experts Ainscough Training and Ainscough Crane Hire do have locations on the trading estate, but neither of them were involved with this incident.
The crane appears to have been free on wheels - or at the very least set up with full retracted outrigger beams


We now have confirmation that the crane involved is an Ainscough Vanguard All Terrain that was set up with outrigger beams fully retracted, and seemingly with the jacks also retracted, so that the crane was free on wheels. With full counterweight in place and the boom elevated to its maximum, it was inevitable that slewing over the side would cause the crane to become back heavy and to tip rearward, which is precisely what appears to have occurred.


Under what circumstances would an operator think it was acceptable to rig a crane in this manner? This is clearly a massive error of judgement on the drivers behalf but where was the lift supervisor when this was going on, and if there wasn't one why not ?

Aug 12, 2019

For goodness sake! Accidents do not ‘just happen’...they are caused and usually by human error. The sooner we the people wake up and deal with this fact on this planet the sooner we will get a grip on the problems attacking our industry. Gravity will always rule. Let us all shape up on our Shakespeare and we’ll all cow-tow to save lives and lessen damage.

Aug 11, 2019

The slogan on the crane says "Moving Industry Forward". Maybe they should change it to "Moving Industry Backwards".

Aug 10, 2019

Mr copy and paste ponsonby strikes again. Mike your repetitive comments really make no difference and add nothing to this site. Why not come up with something new next time.

Aug 9, 2019

Good Afternoon Mr Wood,

By the way, this Overturned Crane depicted above in Leyland, Lancashire is Crane incident number 619 all researched and recorded by me since 7 May 2007.

Which means 555 Crane Incidents have occured since you and I discussed this very subject in Edinburgh on Thursday 13 October 2011 regarding how to Raise Crane Safety Stds.

Dont let anyone tell you that “ Health and Safety is a Load of Bollocks” as the CEO of a £135 million company once said to me, as Crane Safety Training is now highly, yes highly cost effective

Kind Regards
Mike Ponsonby

Aug 7, 2019
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