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Wind takes big crawler and a tele

A 600 tonne – or larger – lattice crawler crane overturned on Sunday night at a wind farm in Flörsheim-Dalsheim, near Worms in central Germany.
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The scene on Sunday night

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A closer view

The crane, a 650 tonne Terex/Demag CC3800 (local reports claim it is a 1,250 tonner??) - owned by Sarens, was set up at the site, complete with Superlift attachment and jib, to carry out maintenance work on the turbines, and possibly install a tower crane. Strong winds on Sunday night, including a tornado in some parts of the country, possibly exasperated by soft ground, brought the crane down, as it went over it caught the extended boom of a telescopic assist crane also from the Sarens fleet. The lattice boom landed on a container and what looks like a tower crane jib set up on trestles.
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A telescopic assist crane was pulled over by the crawler

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It looks as though the front of the crane’s tracks might have been over the edge of the mats on one side?

There was no one on site at the time and overturn was reported to police by walkers. It looks as thought the crawler was left parked on the edge of its mats which might not have helped the situation. It is also hard to understand why the telescopic was left with its boom extended.
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The clean up is underway

We are making further enquiries and will update this – if and when we learn more.


Sarens has confirmed details of the incident and provided the following statement?

"The incident took place with a Sarens crawler crane SL 3800, that was parked at a wind farm Gundersheim (Germany). The crane overturned and smashed against the ground. There was no personnel on site at the moment of the incident which occurred at Sunday, 18th of August 2019 at 18.52 H. A violent wind burst that was not forecasted, combined with a passing local thunderstorm, caused the incident.
The necessary measures for upright parking of the crane were taken, based on the most recent forecast we had received at the time preceding the incident that did not include information about an imminent thunderstorm or wind gusts. Sarens has taken all SHEQ measures to counter the issue."


Had anyone been in the portaloo they would have had plenty luck and no requirment for a laxative If they couldnt boom it down they should have anchored it to the back of the mobile. Yet another close shave, standards particularily in Germany are dropping.

Aug 23, 2019

Nothing to heavy
Oh dear, we’re not having much luck lately

Aug 22, 2019

It’s a CC3800 superlift (650)

Aug 21, 2019

Normal mente en parques eólicos la pluma se baja o se sostiene con peso si las condiciones de viento están muy fuerte ahí falto todo eso

Editor translation for English readers "Normally on wind farms the boom is lowered or held down with weights if the wind conditions are expected to be very strong, I am missing all that"

Aug 21, 2019