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Lifting Tray from Lifting Gear UK

Lifting Gear UK has launched a 50 tonne ‘Lifting Tray’ to safely lift and lower large construction equipment without lifting points while on site.

The lifting tray measures 7.2 metres in length and 2.75 metres wide and features four extendable lifting arms that increase from 2.7 to 3.7 metres in order to cater for larger equipment. These arms can also be fully retracted for easier transport while total weight of the tray is just under six tonnes.

Originally developed by sister companies Steelwise and Lifting Projects UK for Thames Tideway Tunnel project - which involves the construction of a 25km tunnel under the river Thames - the tray is now being used on a number of projects including Tideway, Hinkley Point and HS2.
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Lifting Gear's 50 tonne Lifting Tray has been designed to safely lift and lower large construction equipment

Steelwise technical manager, Alistair Clark, said: “The main challenge for us was coming up with a design that allowed for larger items of plant to be lifted without making a product that was so big that it would be difficult to transport from site to site. The adjustable lifting arms on the tray combated this issue. The solution we provided has delivered maximum productivity for the client and has made it safer and easier to carry out such works.”
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The tray is now being used on a number of projects including Tideway, Hinkley Point and HS2

Lifting Gear UK operations director, Chris Turner, added: “We are really proud to have developed the Lifting Tray to meet such a specific but also common need in the construction industry and to have its successful use see it become company policy for some of our clients. Its development pays testimony to our collaborative approach with clients to overcoming lifting challenges. If a solution doesn’t currently exist, we will develop it and manufacture it to the highest standards with safety always our number one priority.”

Based in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, the Lifting Gear UK group provides a range of lifting products and equipment from 11 depots throughout the UK. The group comprises of Lifting Gear UK, Lifting Projects UK, Steelwise and Lifting Gear Training UK.


It will avoid this: !!!

Mar 11, 2020

Nice bit of kit solved age old problem all the best Chris

Mar 11, 2020