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Demolition overload

A seven axle All Terrain crane, a Liebherr from the Aguilar rental fleet, overturned in Spain on Friday after working on the demolition of a large steel and concrete cistern in the Madrid area, although this has not been confirmed. The crane, rigged with a short main boom and luffing jib, was supporting an element while it was cut free from the structure, however it turned out to be twice the estimated weight and took the crane over. Thankfully no one was hurt in the incident.
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The company posted a notice on social media which said: “As many of you know, yesterday one of our machines suffered an accident and overturned. Luckily no one was injured it only involved material damage. Demolition work is very dangerous. The cause of the accident was a miscalculated cut, in this case the piece weighed almost twice as much as we were told, which led to the destabilisation and overturning of the crane.”

“We must reiterate that we are thankful that there has only been material damage and are grateful for the support shown by all of you. It is time to learn and continue working to prevent this from happening again.” Click here to see the company’s statement
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The incident was also caught on video which was also posted on social media: click here to see the video clip


I bet the lads on the boom lift had a brown-trouser moment!

Dec 12, 2020