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Hoeflons for City Lifting

UK based crane rental company City Lifting is expanding its spider crane fleet with the addition of three new all electric Hoeflon C6e three tonne spider cranes. The new machines, along with a recently delivered Maeda, takes City Lifting’s spider crane fleet to 10 units.
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The Hoeflon C6

The new Hoeflon, purchased through UK distributor Foster Cranes, has a five section 9.5 metre main boom topped by a three section 4.3 metre telescopic luffing jib for a maximum radius of up to 14.4 metres. At this radius it can handle 211kg while the jib can also luff around 15 degrees above the horizontal boom. The maximum tip height with the jib installed is 16.4 metres, at which it can handle 601kg. It also luffs down to the horizontal with the boom fully elevated at which point it can manage 400kg at a radius of 5.5 metres. The outriggers have numerous set up positions with stepless extension and automatic monitoring that provides a load chart to suit the actual configuration.

The C6e has an overall stowed width of 750mm but once on site the non-marking rubber tracks can extend to just over a metre wide, for additional stability. The overall length is just over three metres, with a height of 1.77 metres. Total weight is 2,850kg with all options included, or 2,650kgs for the standard machine. As are result it is possible to transport it on a two axle equipment trailer.
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The jib offers a wide choice of configurations

The C6e uses a LiFePO4 lithium phosphate battery pack which is said to be less heat sensitive and will not ignite or explode during charging or discharging. It offers the same advantages as lithium-ion in that it has a long lifespan and will withstand frequent discharges and recharging without losing performance, but is said to be more environmentally friendly as it does not contain toxic heavy metals. It will run at a 60 percent duty cycle pace for eight hours and can be recharged from empty to full in five hours on a standard AC outlet. It is also possible to operate the crane while it is plugged into the mains, allowing recharging at the same time as operating. The electric version also offers the same speeds and performance as the diesel model.
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(L-R) Trevor Jepson of City Lifting with Steve Bloomer of Foster Cranes

“Trevor Jepson of City Lifting said: “The Hoeflon is a fantastic crane with lots of new ideas and features. The Japanese machines from Maeda and Unic are really good, but they have not changed much in 10 years or more in terms of new features. The Hoeflon does every thing you want a crane like this to do and more. Everything is fixed on the machine, so no need going around the site looking for parts or auxiliary equipment, nothing gets left behind. It is also very easy and nice to drive with fantastic remote controls with full read out that Hoeflon make themselves.”


Pleasure to do Business with a company like City Lifting.

Aug 3, 2021