The truck, the forklift and the ladder

A reader has sent us yet another example of ingenuity and crazy ideas to reach work at height.

As is often the case we do not know where and when this was taken/occurred but clearly there was a need to reach a light or antenna on top of pole at a height of around eight metres. The only equipment they had or that was close to hand was an industrial fork truck, and a ladder, unable to reach the height with these alone the team- there had to be at least three of them – added a flat bed trailer, loaded the forklift on the trailer, then placed the ladder on the forks.

In order to make the whole thing ‘safe’ one of the men is standing on the forks to hold the ladder in place with both his hands and by buttressing himself against the pole, while another man climbs the ladder and stretches to reach the object.

One assumes they achieved their objective without incident, as they gambled with their lives and wellbeing.

Definitely one for our Death Wish series.
Have a safe weekend.


Harry Sharp
Absolute madness.

Sep 29, 2023