Bauma review part 2

Doosan was showing its new 16 tonne capacity, 10.2 metre DT 160 - made by Dieci

Genie's new GTH 4018SR telehandler

Hitachi was using its 9.7 metre HX99B-2 tracked platform to help with its live demonstrations

The 16 metre platform height Paus GT16A trailer

Paus was also showing its new 31 metre, 1,600kg PTK 31 trailer crane

Sany showed several mobile cranes including this SRC550 Rough Terrain

The 180 tonne capacity Sany SCC 1800

The 630 tonne Sany SCC 6300 in Sarens colours

Sany STC 1000

The new Terex CTL 440-24 luffing jib tower crane with new hoist winch allowing both one and two fall operation

This Volvo PL4608 pipelayer has a 25 tonne capacity lift at three metres

It was thought that copyrite and patent infringements kept this XCMG telehandler under cover

This XCMG 20 tonne capacity ZQ20 was developed in a joint venture with Australia Crane and Machinery where it is known as the ARC20.

Largest exhibit on the XCMG stand was the QAY240

Bauma had lots of new products for the cranes and access fans to see

Bronto was showing its 112 metre S112 HLA truck mounted platform - the world's tallest

Bauma was full of surprises - this was on the Case stand

Early in the week attendance was a bit thin, but it was chaos on Friday and Saturday

Saturday is family day

Galizia was showing its new GK20 electric (lifting a BMW motorbike) and the improved F200 electric

Sandrino Ferrarini managing director of Leader in front of its new, low height (2.3 metre) AJ21.10 truck mounted platform

The propellor driven, twin jib GG tower crane looked like it was from another planet!

HAB had many new machines and was also showing this side-sliding platform

Ihimer's three spiders - the LEM 1500, 1800 and 2200

The Jaso J280PA

The new Jost 68.4

Italian manufacturer Leader launched its new 16.7 metre spider

Liebherr's elevating cab LTM1045 with the 111 tonne hook block from the LR13000 in the background

Multitel was showing its new 75 metre truck platform

Latest spider platform from Multitel is the SMX225

Palazzani was showing this new Eco 27

The new Snorkel/Pop-Up Drive 10

The Snorkel stand

Snorkel TL39

Snorkel XT24XD

Spierings has already had a lot of success with its new City Boy

Zoomlion QAY260

Palfinger showed its 32 metre P320 with 700kg cage capacity and 11.9 tonne GVW

Zoomlion RT550 Rough Terrain crane

One of several new Cormach loader cranes - this is the 135000

Effer launched several new loader cranes including this 955

The new Fassi F100T

Partick Gillis ceo of the GG Crane Group in front of a picture of his radical twin jib tower crane

Holland Lift's G320 EL30 4WD SN

The impressive IPAF stand

The Palfinger PK23002 SH was one of several world premiers on the stand

Although no-one was able to man the stand, these two XJCM cranes including the 30 tonne Rough Terrain QRY30 made it

Christer Dijner, managing director of AB Kranlyft (L) with Peter Leeb from Leeb Technik Austria and Ben Kemp from Kemp Netherlands

The Vertikal.Net stand

The CMC Barin team

Thats all folks


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