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Union flags work at height abuses

The Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union of Western Australia has slammed a contractor for work at height abuses in a very public way, calling on the government to clamp down on such practices.

The flyer says which has, we understand been widely circulated, claims that the photo was taken in the last week or two on a Hanssen/Finbar appartment construction site in Perth.

Why this specific situation has been highlighted so aggressively is not clear we were unable to reach Hanssen for a comment. The text of the flyer is as follows:
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Vertikal Comment

Naming and shaming large contractors that do not follow the rules concerning safe working at height practices has its place. What has caused such a specific outburst though is not clear and one wonders what might have been said on site at the time.

Hopefully the union person that took the photograph called on the site manager to point out the risks involved with the particular work practice and encouraged him to stop work while a safe method was worked out.

One cannot help but wonder though if this is part of some other wider dispute?

If unions worked closely and positively with contractors and the relevant authorities to make construction sites a safer place we would really make some significant progress. Sadly all too often the adversarial nature of many Union/Employer relationships, creates an unhelpful and negative atmosphere that can slow improvements in safety.


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