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JLG to fit Firestone

JLG has announced that it has reached an agreement with Bridgestone Americas to fit Firestone DuraForce MH long-life tyres to its American built JLG, Lull and SkyTrak telehandler ranges.

The company claims that the new low profile tyres will virtually triple tyre life, while also being less prone to side wall damage.

The design also incorporates a “unique self-cleaning tread” and offers lower ground bearing pressure, helping improve performance over rough terrain. JLG will also benefit from fewer tyre and rim combinations mean fewer parts to stock and reduced inventory-carrying costs.
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The Firestone DuraForce MH tyre is said to increase tyre life by 300%

Brian Boeckman, JLG’s global director of telehandler product management said: “JLG and Bridgestone Americas Off Road collaborated to create the Firestone DuraForce MH that will set a new industry standard by increasing tire life up to 300 percent. The result is a tire that dramatically improves the cost of ownership for all three telehandler brands.”


Quite surprised that JLG went down this path. The previous grader pattern tires that have been promoted for years were the wrong product for this application. Others have been suggesting better solutions for years but price was too big a factor The CORRECT Solution for these types of applications are SOLID (Aperture) tires.. They provide more stability, longer wear, no flats and ballast (a high percentage of pneumatics are "filled") ..

Jan 6, 2011

Dear all,
In order to avoid further misunderstanding caused by a previous comment quoting that "aren't these the same tyres that explode?", let's please make sure that we don't mix up this tragic automotive SUV issue which occured more than 10 years ago, with these tyres developed for a completely different application on telescopic handlers.

Jan 5, 2011

Roger Dean
No Paul, not sure where you got that from? you are maybe mixing this up with the problem a few years back that Ford had with their SUV tires? which was not just Firestone if I remember it right..

This is a brand new tire made by Bridgestone/Firestone

Jan 5, 2011

Aren't these the same tyres that explode??

Jan 4, 2011