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250 Tonne Steam crane

A reader from the UK has sent us some photos of an old steam crane in Manchester and wonders if anyone has any information on it.

He says that he came across it sitting in dock and when questioned the stefedores working on it they told him that they did not know anything of its history but that it is due to be cut up for scrap.
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The 250 ton steam crane in Manchester

Which as he says seems a pity, the writing on the back of the crane simply says ‘250 ton crane Manchester’
Our readers adds “Maybe you could find some information on it, or if any Vertikal readers are members of history groups that might know someone who could save the crane from the cutting torch”
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Another view of the crane suggests it is quite good condition for its age

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Yet another view of the crane which is due to be scrapped

We have done some quick research which suggests that this is a crane built for the Manchester Ship Canal Company and was originally berthed at the Old Quay site in Runcorn. The complex originally included a large lock gate repair shed.
We also came across a photograph from 1939 which looks like the same crane lifting a large lock gate.
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The crane in action in 1939, we assume in the Runcorn yard?

If any of you can add to this or suggest something please do not hesitate to contact us and we will either put you in contact with our correspondent or add to this article.


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