Dewsbury & Proud to take UK's first GMK 5130-1

West Midlands-based crane hire company, Dewsbury & Proud, has secured an order for the UK's first Grove GMK 5130-1 all terrain crane. The unit is scheduled for delivery in Febuary 2005.

Grove's new 5-axle, 130-tonne capacity GMK 5130-1 was unveiled for the first time earlier in the month at an open day at Deutsche Grove’s Lagenfeld facility in Germany, where Doron Livnat, owner of Dutch rental company, Riwal, received the keys for the first ever production unit.

Nationwide Crane Hire based in Ossett, Yorkshire, will also be taking delivery of a futher GMK 5130-1 unit later next year.

Grove says that the major feature of the GMK 5130-1 is a new 60-metre, six-section main boom, which is nine metres longer than that of its already established five-axle unit, the GMK 5100.

The GMK 5130-1 also features an 11 to 18-metre full power luffing, swingaway, plus inserts, which provide a total jib length of up to 32 metres. Maximum tip height is 32 metres, where the lifting capacity is 1.7 tonnes. A manual offset version of the swingaway is also available, while there are 13 different counterweight options of up to 40.1 tonnes, allowing compliance with different international axle-weight requirements.


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