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Loxam Acquires Loueurs de France BTP

Loxam, the French based owner of Loxam Access in the UK and Ireland has purchased Frances fifth largest rental company Loueurs de France BTP (LdF).

According to Loxam LdF is the fifth largest rental company in France with revenues in the region of €50 million and a network of 60 depots.

Loxam aim to run LdF as an autonomous business unit, allowing Loxam and LdF branches located in the same town to compete with each other. In this way Loxam hope to retain the combined revenues of the two companies giving the group combined revenue of €420 million making it one of Europe’s largest rental companies.

L d F’s president Jean-Pierre David, will leave the business following the acquisition, but the company’s general Manager, Jean-Luc Rumeau, is likely to remain.

LdF was formed in 1996 by the merger of the company Socomen, which was created in 1937 by the Richier group, and a number of other local companies previously acquired by the groups financial partner Siparex.

While Loxam has built up a major fleet of aerial lifts in France LdF is a fairly minor player in the access market.