New Guinea Harbour Crane.

Demag, the German-based port and industrial crane manufacturer, has delivered its first mobile harbour cranes to Papua New Guinea. Two Gottwald G HMK 6407 cranes have recently been commissioned by PNG Ports Corporation, with two more to follow in early 2012.

One of the cranes will be used in the country’s main port - Port Moresby, while the other is destined for Lae, the country’s capital. The cranes are intended to improve the efficiency of cargo handling at the ports, including containers and general raw materials.
Two Gottwald Mobile Harbour Cranes model 6, G HMK 6407 during the assembly in Indonesia

"The four new Gottwald mobile harbour cranes are a milestone in our history and of crucial importance to us," said Brain Riches the chief executive of PNG Ports Corporation. "This high-performance, reliable technology will assist us to fulfil and expand our role as the main regional hub for maritime cargo handling and raw materials export”.

The G HMK 6407 has a 125 tonne maximum lifting capacity with a working radius of up to 51 metres and hoisting speeds of up to 120 metres a minute.

The cranes are equipped with Demag’s teleservice function which enables the manufacturer’s engineers in Germany to access production and diagnostic data without interrupting the cranes operations.


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