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JLG to launch crush protection

Aerial lift manufacturer JLG has issued a short statement saying that it plans to introduce “an innovative new accessory designed to provide enhanced control panel protection for operators of its boom lift products.”

The statement goes on to say that it has been developed to meet customer needs and initiatives in Europe and to continue JLG's mission of providing industry-leading products and features.

JLG says that it has designed the accessory, which will be available early in the new year, to “meet common customer requirements” and says that it has designed it with ‘cutting-edge technology’ to allow for a 360-degree work envelope, be field installable and easy for customers to implement without adding significant cost to the equipment.

So far no details or photographs are available.

Vertikal Comment

This appears to be a response to the trend led by Skanska UK’s insistence that from January it expects all boom lifts on its sites to be fitted with active control panel protection/anti crushing system. Click here to see Skanska… While we do not yet have precise details of what the JLG system is, we can determine by a series of eliminations what it is not.

-It is easy to retrofit and inexpensive, so unlikely to be a fully integrated system like the Niftylift SiOPs.

-It offers 360 degree working envelope, one assumes that this is a reference to the AFI Sanctuary Zone – if so it is not a mechanical system.

-It has designed the system itself, so it is not likely to be a badged version of Lavendon’s Sky Siren.

-It is ‘cutting–edge’ so not likely to bear any resemblance to the Blue Sky trip wire system.

Intriguing ….. watch this space.