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Miraculous escape

We have been sent some photos of a car crushed by a telescopic loader crane that overturned onto it in China. Miraculously the occupants escaped with minor injuries.

The accident actually looks more like a road accident than a lifting one, but somehow the truck and its heavy XCMG loader crane managed to flip onto its side landing on a family car travelling alongside.
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Amazingly the family escaped from this car

A larger mobile crane – also an XCMG – was brought in to lift the truck and loader crane back onto its wheels, showing the incredible damage caused to the car.
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A view from the other end

We are told that a family of four, including a two year old child, was travelling in the car to Zhengzhou airport in North Central China, when the incident occurred. The drive had some minor abrasions to his head, while we are told the others were completely unhurt.
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The crane and its truck is removed from the car

We do not have any information on exactly when this occured, but have been led to believe that it was very recently.