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Safety award for McLeod Cranes

New Zealand’s McLeod Cranes has won a Department of Labour sponsored award for the best safety initiative by a small business.

The award, one of 11 that are presented annually, was for the way the company responded to a near-miss.

In the words of the award presentation announcment: “The company responded to a near-miss event involving the transport of steel pipe casings, by leading a collaboration with clients to re-evaluate the procedures for the safe handling of casings. The result was a revised handling procedure which has improved safety and been well received in trials.”
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The awards are judged by a panel of five representing the Department of Labour, ACC, New Zealand council of trade unions, Safeguard, and an industry health and safety practitioner.

McLeod Cranes, based in Mount Maunganui, Tauranga, with a branch in Taupo, was founded in 1995 is a family run and owned, with a fleet of cranes up to 170 tonnes.

The company said: “We are proud of our safety record and in 2006 we took on a full time structural engineer to give our customers further piece of mind that every significant lift is a planned lift to the highest level.”