Crane crushes cars

An All Terrain crane overturned onto a rare car last week in Gits, Belgium – to the south of Brugge. Thankfully no one was injured or hurt in the incident.
The crane's boom crushed the most valuable car on the lot of an adjoining dealership

The crane, a 110 tonne Tadano Faun ATF 110G-5 owned by Mather crane hire of Ardooie was lifting a 12.5 tonne 85,000 litre underground fuel storage tank into a four metre deep excavation at the site of a new service station when it went over.

The cranes boom came down on a 2008 Jaguar XKR-S coupe, said to be one of only 200 built for the European market, and also damaged a BMW 630i. The cars below to a car dealership on the adjoining property.

The crane was short rigged with outrigger jacks down and beams retracted, no outrigger mats were used and it was rigged with partial counterweight – from the photo it looks like 8.7 or possibly 11 tonnes of the crane’s maximum 35 tonnes. It seems to be a clear case of overloading and possibly the incorrect input data on the rated load indicator.
The 110 tonne crane was short rigged with partial counterweight

Mather was founded in 1962 and builds, sells, rents and repair trailers, it also has a crane rental division with a fleet of seven mobile cranes topped by the ATF110G. The service station is being constructed for Desimpel Energy.


Mobile cranes and self erecting tower cranes should have sensors in the outriggers to detect zero foot pressure and try prevent overturning.

Oct 29, 2012

Good Morning Mr Editor,

Common Sense is a Great Quality if I have it, but as we now see Daily Reports of Crane Safety Incidents Worldwide ( On your excellent Vertikal Website). It does indeed confirm my submission that Common Sense is not so Common... and therefore we should not rely on Common Sense alone.

Three Appalling Recent Examples worthy of Note are.....

1. On 18th May 2012 a 240t SWL Mobile Crane was overturned after the Hyd Boom was fully Extended Horizontally without a single Ballast Block in Place on the superstructure
( DG, No Fatalities)

2. On 8th Sept 2011, a 500t SWL Mobile Crane with Long Boom and Long Luffer was overturned, with the Boom stretched out down the middle of the Street, amazingly between all of the Parked Cars, due to incorrect use of the LICCON system.
( DG, No Fatalities)

3. On 25th May 2011, a Large Capacity and Fully Rigged Truck Mounted crane of circa 184 tonnes GVW ( Or approx 368,000 Lbs GVW) was moved on a Dirt Road with each Tyre loaded to circa 13 tons ( Or circa 26285 Lbs per Tyre) . Repeat this Fully Rigged Crane was moved on a Dirt Road, with a Long Luffer already fitted and the Main Boom elevated to 82 degrees. As a result of this very high Centre of Gravity and negligent act, it fell over.
( DG, No Fatalities)

Gentlemen please, let no-one describe these dangerous incidents as 'Accidents' for they are NOT Accidental as each and every one of these dangerous incidents was entirely foreseeable for anyone who cared to look. With ' Foreseeability' now being a major factor considered by UK Courts, when deciding the Employers liability for matters arising. All following the Judgment of Londons Court of Appeal in the Appeal case reported as...
R.v. Tangerine Confectionery Ltd and Veolia (UK) Ltd [2011] CA. EWCA 2015.

In this particular Fatal Injury Appeal case, the Appeals were rightfully dismissed and the Two Appellant Companies were held liable for all Fines, Costs and Civil Suits arising.

As all this were not enough, on 20th Sept 2012, we saw a Link-Belt HC108 Crane Loaded on a Semi-Trailer, without any Chains applied to the Jib, but simply relying on the Cranes Slewing Brake to hold the Heavy Superstructure in Line with the Trailer. So when the Truck turned Right at a Junction, the Slewing Brake failed to hold it and the Jib slewed Left directly into the path of a School Bus travelling in the opposite Direction.
( Miraculously DG, No Fatalities)

So it is my submission to all Vertikal Readers that we should do not rely on Common Sense alone, as it is clearly not so Common ?

For this incident above is yet another example of Short Rigged Outriggers and/or Not Enough Ballast Blocks in Place to keep the Crane Vertical ( No Pun intended Mr Editor) and if this event were to occur in the UK, with a Fatal Injury Arising, could well result in a Manslaughter charge for the Crane Driver.

So may I suggest that we all adopt 'Safe Systems of Work' (The Common Law obligation in the UK) and reduce all Manageable Hazards to a level As Low as Reasonably Practicable. (ALARP) Because as my learned Friend would say "Accidents Dont Happen, they are Caused" and the incident described above is yet another perfect example of this.

Finally and in closing, may I suggest that we make ALARP our best friend, as one day your Life might just depend on it. Because if we we dont Drive-Up Crane Safety Standards, then who will ?

Kind Regards
Mike Ponsonby BA

Oct 29, 2012
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