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Access on an lemon

The Spider division of SafeWorks, LLC of Seattle Washington has been employed as the sole provider of access equipment and services to the $304 million reconstruction project of the Newtown Creek Water Pollution Control Plant in New York City.

The project includes gaining access to all areas of two large lemon or onion shaped digester tanks. Spider has provided 32 swing stage suspended platforms operated by 64 SC40 traction hoists.
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The Newtown Creek plan has two large lemon/onion shaped digesters.

Each of the 32 custom designed platforms were designed by Spider engineers to meet challenges that the eight storey egg-shaped digester tanks presented, the tanks slope in two different directions, angled modular platforms were developed to enable complete exterior access. Adjustable rollers were added to keep the platforms level as they travel up or down these slopes, and the lifting capacity was increased from 454 kg (1,000 lbs) to 908 kg (2,000 lbs).
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Spider designed special platforms to cope with the twin slopes of the digester tanks

The Newtown Creek project, a joint venture between A. J. Pegno Construction and Tully Construction Co., Inc., entails the complete reconstruction of the existing sewage treatment process and will result in a 50 percent increase in the plant’s water treatment capabilities. The new facility will also achieve compliance with the requirements mandated by the US federal Clean Water Act.