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Carbon fibre jib

Two Italian companies have collaborated to develop a carbon fibre jib/boom extension for telescopic cranes.

Mobile crane veteran engineer Fabio Pavesi, previous owner of Corradini Cranes and the production company Eligio Re Fraschini, an international leader in the development of the composite materials for F1 and America’s cup racing and aerospace applications, have designed the structure and developed the manufacturing process between them.
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The 14 metre carbon fibre extension/jib

The 14 metre jib comprises two sections joined together by steel pins, pivots on the crane boom nose. It can also be used as a single 7.5 metre section. The carbon fibre jib is typically 50 percent lighter than a steel jib or extension, helping reduce transport weight and improve lift capacities. Structurally the jib will support a safe load capacity of 3,500kg.
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The attachment to the boom nose

The jib has been subjected to extensive testing through repetitive load cycling, so far the jib has exceeded expectations and has performed well in terms of deflection and rigidity. The next stage is complete the test programme and obtain third party certification.


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