Fatal fall in Texas

A man died last week after falling around 30 metres from the platform of a boom truck, while installing a large restaurant sign.

The man, Elias Contreras, 33, was an experienced sign worker, who is said to have had a fear of heights, even though his job involved working at height all the time. The incident occurred on Thursday in Devine, Texas, and it is not clear if he was ejected from the platform due to a catapult effect, or as the very poor quality photo we have been sent suggests, the platform level cylinider gave way tipping him out of the basket?
The photo we have received seems to indicate a platform issue

What seems to be clear is that he was almost certainly not wearing a harness with lanyard attached. His co-worker was uninjured as he managed to hold on and remain in the platform. Contreras was airlifted to hospital where he died shortly after arrival.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration is investigating the incident.


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