Suspended platform collapse

A man was seriously injured today after the suspended platform he was working from plummeted to the ground, possibly striking a boom lift on the way down?

The local fire department was also called in to rescue two men - also working on the building - from a boom lift - a Gene S-125 - using a fire ladder. Details are scant at this stage, but it seems that two men were working from the suspended scaffold, one managed to scramble through a window , while the other, aged 46, fell over 20 metres with the swing stage platform, and may have landed on a parked car. He was rushed to hospital with life threatening injuries. We will update this item when we learn more about what actually happened.
This photograph shows both the rescue and the fallen swing-stage

We have been informed that the swing stage platform was working on the Greenway Plaza and had been supplied by local company Big City Access to contractor Burton Construction.


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