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Another record Bauma

Bauma ended today on a dank wet Sunday, but the organisers claim that 580,000 visitors attended over the seven days, from over 200 countries - around 40,000 more than in 2013.

The show was certainly busy, from the get go with crowds growing as the week progressed. Even today it was astonishing how many braved the atrocious weather to walk around the outside areas. In fact those attending today were clearly of hardier stock than the weekday visitors who scattered every time there was a shower.
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Sunday was wet and nasty, but it did not deter the equipment spotters who remained positive

The organisers also claim that order intake was higher than expected, which gels with the feedback we received from crane and access equipment exhibitors. The vast majority of exhibitors that we spoke with reported excellent order activity and were very happy with the show, apart from the rising cost of exhibiting and the length. Most stated that seven days was simply too long and that it should be cut to five or six days, especially given that Friday already had that last day feel to it.

Saturday and Sunday though are generally the time that smaller companies and families attend and this is an important part of the show’s remit. However With an increasing number of them attending on the Friday afternoon, perhaps Saturday would be sufficient. But given the success of the show it is unlikely that the organisers will take much heed of the negative comments, especially given the highly positive atmosphere and order activity.
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April 2019 will be with us before you know it.