On the back of a truck

Scotland's Fraserburgh Football Club of the lowly Highland League will play what is probably the biggest game in its 108 year history this weekend, when it hosts Scottish Premiership club Glasgow Rangers in the fourth round tie of the Scottish Cup.

In order to get its modest Bellslea stadium into shape for the big match, volunteers joined the small grounds staff team to help out. The crew even had a boom lift for the jobs that required working at height. Sadly while working on a sign on the outside of the stadium, some bright spark looking to save time unloading, decided to operate the boom lift from the back of the delivery truck.

Thankfully it did not fall off the side while working, it is a shame that whomever loaned the machine did not donate an hour or two of expertise in order to show the volunteers how to use it safely!
Saving time or lack of knowledge?

To be fair it looks as though the machine was well tied down and its was not working at a great height or radius, but all the same it is still one for our Death Wish series.

Have a safe weekend.


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