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Boels first with JLG ClearSky

Dutch international rental company Boels has ordered 740 new JLG aerial lifts, all of which will be equipped with JLG's ClearSky telematics system, making it the first company in Europe to adopt the system.

ClearSky provides real time information on each machine, allowing the company to monitor and manage them remotely, spotting any service requirements before they cause a problem, while also trouble shooting and verifying the machines location, usage, fuel and battery levels etc...The data can be integrated into Boels ERP software and become the basis for multi year maintenance plans. All data stored in a secure data centre and can be accessed in real time from a desktop or mobile device.
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Boels has ordered 740 JLG machines all with ClearSky telematics

Fleet operations director Guy Cremer said: "At Boels Rental, we're always looking for new ways to improve our customer service, and we are happy to break new ground. By being the first to work with the ClearSky system, we can stand out from the market. The benefits for our customers are enormous. You will find that problems are resolved faster because we no longer have to be there to provide support, we can do this remotely."

Karel Huijser of JLG added: "We are very proud that such a significant company as Boels Rental is adopting our solution. Working with Boels is incredibly important to JLG and shows there is a demand for innovative and efficient offerings like ClearSky."


Sounds like the way forward. The march of integrated technology should allow Rental Companies to become more efficient, and help to educate the next generation of operators. Well done to all at Boels to have the clarity of vision. I wonder who else will take the plunge, or how long before clients demand this level of tech? Can anyone point out obvious donwnsides i may have missed? Like, when the machine is underground for example?

Feb 1, 2018