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Nifty’s new Di-Lithium technology

Niftylift has announced a radical new range of electric powered boom lifts, following the success of its HR12L.

The new 33ft HR12L Lithium has taken off far quicker than the manufacturer anticipated, having initially designed the machine for a large order from a customer in the Netherlands. As a result the company has stepped up its development programme in this area, with the adoption of the all new Di-Lithium Crystal technology, building on its current Lithium power pack design. The initial trial results are said to be spectacular, in terms of battery life and recharge times, literally crossing the final frontier of industrial battery design.

As a result of the trials, Niftylift’s Enterprise engineers are stepping up plans to develop Di-Lithium Crystal versions of all of its HR/SP self-propelled booms lifts, with the aim to have them all converted by the end of 2019. The new models will also include some other new features that the company has been working on, creating a completely new premium product line, to be known as the ‘Warp Factor Range’.
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The new Nifty HR12 Warp Factor boom lift

The other breakthroughs incorporated in the new machines include new ‘Highly-Logical’ controls which replace the usual levers and switches with a touch screen and highly intuitive voice actuation system. If for example the operator wants to raise the boom they simply say: “boom me up Nifty” and the motion is automatically activated at pre-set ramp up and speed levels which can also be adjusted on the console. The commands ‘Slower’ or ‘Faster’ regulate speed, while ‘Stop’ is self-explanatory. In case anything goes wrong, a new ultrasound proximity sensing system, dubbed the ‘Deflector Shield’, replaces the company’s SiOPS secondary guarding system and stops any function automatically in the case of an approaching obstacle.
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The new control console

Other new features include Vulcan non-shed non-marking tyres and Holodeck platform technology to reduce weight and increase strength for higher platform capacities. Due to the speed of development overall weights and dimensions of each model will remain the same as the current generation of machines.

Montgomery Scott the lead engineer of Nifty’s Warp Factor development team said: “We had been experimenting with the Di-Crystal technology for some time, but were initially concerned that a car manufacturer, with their big budgets and research teams had not discovered this technology yet. But then we decided to boldly go where no one has gone before and build a prototype. The technology will put us light years ahead of competitors who still cling-on to old technology.”

While the company has kept the development a closely guarded secret, it has been working with a potential lead customer, Star Platforms, which said that it plans to adopt the new Di-Lithium Crystal technology throughout its Star Fleet as soon as it becomes available.

When asked why it was so enthusiastic about the new technology, the company said: “Di-Lithium crystals are not just April Fuel, but fuel for life!”


Looking forward to adding them to our new Star fleet 'Enterprise' division!

Apr 1, 2018

Niftylift always going forward never in reverse.

Apr 1, 2018

Here we go again, lithium isn't the answer, why use this when we've had the Flux Capcitor for years.

Apr 1, 2018
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