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Sent in by a reader in the UK, a photo of an incident while unloading a boom lift – which could so easily have resulted in serious injuries.
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Loading and unloading is the most dangerous aspect of using aerial work platforms

One assumes that the driver of the Bentley was looking to take a shortcut onto the road right at the wrong time. He was lucky that the platform hit the roof on the passenger side with no passenger on board. It emphasises again how unloading and loading is the most dangerous aspect of using aerial work platforms.

One imagines that both drivers have learnt valuable lessons, but in the meantime work has been disrupted and undue stress inflicted on the truck driver whom we are assuming was blameless in this case. If so, perhaps once all was over, and assuming no one was hurt, the sight of that car being towed away might have caused a inner smile - depending on the circumstances of course, and whose car it was.

Have a safe weekend.