Lucky escape in London

A slinger/signaller helping unload a truck at the site of a new high rise tower in Bishopsgate, London, UK, had a lucky escape last week after he was suddenly hoisted into the air by the tag line he was using.

Captured on the CCTV system, (See video link below) it shows one of two slingers inadvertently stepping to a loop created on a purpose designed tag line. He signalled for to the tower crane to raise the load and before he knew what happened the noose had tightened around his legs and he was off on the ride of his life.
The slinger steps back into the loop

Thankfully his reflexes were fast enough that he re-grabbed the line with his hands, keeping himself upright. Also, the fact that he had a co worker helped as he was quickly able to signal to the crane operator to lower the load. We understand that he was already around 15 to 20 metres up before he was lowered carefully back to the truck.
and suddenly he is heading skywards

It just goes to show how on a very safety conscious site with all the right gear, things can still go wrong if you are not on the constant look out. This time round no one was hurt.
Click here to view the video in our online video library


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