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Risky rescue

A reader sent us a short video clip of a platform rescue from a truck mounted lift in the Netherlands, with a ladder.
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We assume that the machine, a 28 metre Palfinger from Van der Voort, has come to a stop and that the operator has no idea what to do. Why? We have no idea. It might be that it has simply cut out due to an overload – especially given the retracted outriggers, or the truck has run out of fuel or it is a simple malfunction.
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Ladder to the rescue

Whatever the cause, the solution was to bring out the ladder that is clearly too short, shame they were unaware of the emergency descent procedure. It is mildly amusing, although a sad indictment of the lack of knowledge the operator appears to suffer from.

We understand that no one was seriously hurt.
We will certainly pop this one into our Death Wish series.


Oh how I hate to think what could befallen these two men had they made one step the wrong direction.

Dec 14, 2018