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Boom lift fire

A boom lift caught fire yesterday in Tallahassee, Florida, after it came into contact with overhead power lines.
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The machine catches fire

The man was using a 60ft Genie S-60, was at a height of around 12 metres and was above the power lines, when the boom came close enough for the power to arc and run to earth, causing it to catch fire. Firefighters were able to rescue him with their ladder truck, and he reportedly escaped serious injury, probably due to the fact that he was above the point of contact?
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The machine after the fire was extinguished


Hopefully the rental yards will be a little more selective in regards to who they give machines to in the future.

Crane operators, forklift operators nowadays are certified. Maybe it's time for lift operators to do the same.

Dec 28, 2018

Stop the Lunacy
OMG! What a Travesty! Have we learned NOTHING? All this available USER Training, available VR Training, available FREE On-Line Guidance, IPAF, SAIA and more ... and this is the end result? For an industry that, for 40 years, has transformed construction (Stateside & abroad) with available "Safe Practices" information ...this is appalling

Dec 28, 2018