New crane range from Hyva

Dutch loader crane manufacturer Hyva will launch its new Edge crane range at Bauma this week.

The new range features 40 models ranging from nine to 66 tonne/metres, offering 360 degree continuous slew, up to eight extensions depending on the model, and a choice of jibs, winches and accessories.

At Bauma, Hyva will launch the new 66 tonne/metre HC661, which includes Hyva’s new Auto Stabilising System (ASS), allowing for the truck to be levelled automatically, and the Active Awareness Radio Remote (AARR), which alerts the operator through joystick vibrations of any potential hazards. Other cranes to be launched at the show include 24 tonne/metre, 23 tonne/metre, 13 tonne/metre and nine tonne/metre models.
The Edge line will be launched at Bauma

The new range features a new control station for high visibility and easier operation, as well as the Dynamic Load Diagram system, which confirms the available lifting capacity based on the truck’s actual stability - at the time, and the Magic Touch feature that allows automatic boom stowage and unfolding from travel to ready to work position.

Director for cranes Davide Catellani said: “The Edge Line represents an important milestone for Hyva. We’re committed to the delivery of first class products that meet the needs of our customers and partners and help them grow their business. The Edge line reflects Hyva’s core values of innovative engineering, robustness, lightweight, ergonomics and aesthetics which perfectly match the latest automotive design trends, and – ultimately – adds continuity and value to truck investment.”


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