2,000th Konecranes Gottwald delivered

Spanish maritime company Ership has taken delivery of the 2,000th Konecranes Gottwald mobile harbour crane, a G HMK 6407 B.

The four rope grab crane has a 100 tonne maximum capacity with a maximum radius of 51 metres and hoist speeds of up to 120 metres a minute. It will be used for bulk handling, general and project cargo.
The 2,000th Konecranes Gottwald mobile harbour crane at the inauguration event in the Port of Cartagena, Spain

Chief executive Gonzalo Alvargonzález said: “These are very reliable cranes. They are very high performance and extremely solid. That helps us to serve our customers, who expect their cargo to be unloaded quickly. Time is a very important factor in our work. So, the faster a ship is unloaded, while being careful with the cargo, the better.”
CEO Gonzalo Alvargonzález (L) and President Romualdo Alvargonzález of Ership

Konecranes mobile harbour cranes senior vice president Heribert Barlage added: “The 2,000th crane is a sign of our commitment, but just like every other important milestone we reach, this one is also an incentive for us to constantly develop our cranes and make them fit for the future.”


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