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100 years for De Jong

Dutch hoist and elevator manufacturer De Jong's Liften is celebrating its 100th anniversary this week.

The family owned company was established in 1919 in the city of Leiden to build winches and cranes. After a short period in Leiden, the company moved to a facility in the town of Hazerwoude – roughly halfway between Leiden and Gouda, where it also began building concrete mixers and roller mills, later followed by its first construction hoists and then industrial elevators. This was followed by trailers and even river boats.
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In 1956, the company opened a second location in Vianen – to the south of Utrecht - and began focusing more and more on the development and production of its construction hoists. Although De Jong had become a significant producer of concrete mixers, as the millennium approached the company decided to focus on its hoists. In 2000 it moved to a completely new location at its current base in Leerdam, expanding the facility substantially in 2008.
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In 2018, De Jong's lifts built a completely new sales and production facility in the Czech Republic, where most of the parts and components for its hoists and elevators are now built.
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De Jongs current hoist range is topped by the 2,150kg AT2000

Director Arno Vreugdenhil said: “We are proud that our company has been in business for 100 years. Our success is due in part to the efforts of our employees and dealers. We have a surprise in store for them this year to thank them.”