Fork truck pallet and ladder

Sent in by a reader in South East Asia a photograph of three men working on tree trimming, not quite sure where or when – looks like winter. One thing is clear they have no sense of safety or efficiency.
a step on from the classic fork tuck and pallet access method

The three have placed a pallet on the forks of an industrial fork lift - as one does – and then added an extension ladder resting against the fork carriage in order to provide more height. While one of the two men on high climbs the ladder to nowhere, the other foots it, providing counterweight to keep it in place. As if it was not bad enough, the man on the ladder has climbed way higher than is safe even if he had been working from the ground. The chances of this ending in tears is right up there – hopefully they all completed the job without incident.
A closer look

Clearly this is not anything close to good practice and definitely one for our Death Wish series. It might have been slightly safer if the ladder had been firmly strapped to the carriage – but only slightly!

Have a safe weekend.


Is this Bremen? Where's the fourth?

Jul 1, 2019
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