James F. Lomma 1945 – 2019

We have received the sad news that New York crane man James ‘Jimmy’ Lomma passed away at his home in Staten Island on July 14th, He was 73.

Lomma owned a number of crane companies in the New York area, including J.F. Lomma Inc., TES Inc. and New York Crane, a crane man through and through. He came to wider prominence in 2008 when two of his tower cranes collapsed within a three month period, with seven fatalities in the first and two in the second. The latter case resulted in a $98 million award against him causing JF Lomma into Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2016. In spite of the challenges and stress from these incidents he continued to develop the business that was his life.
James Lomma

He is survived by his son James B. Lomma, daughters, Jenifer Gabel, and Lauren Lomma and two grandchildren.

Aside from his crane activities he actively participated in a wide range of charitable and humanitarian efforts without seeking any public recognition. He was an accomplished pilot and owned several aircraft. He also took a great interest in motorcycles and muscle cars and was something of a collector. Those who knew him well said he had a good heart and would always try and help out a friend if he could, he was certainly largely than life and was a major player in the tough New York crane market.

He was buried on Thursday July 18th Donations to his memory can be made to Saint Benedict Abby, PO Box 67, Still River, Mass. 01467.