Crane collapse in New Jersey

The lattice boom and job of a mobile crane collapsed onto a multiple occupancy building during heavy thunderstorms in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA on Sunday.

The crane, which is owned and operated by local crane company Vergona was set up on a new build construction project opposite, when the boom and jib came down and landed on the house which is normally occupied by a number of students, thankfully only one was at home at the time and they were not injured. According to local reports heavy winds caused the crane’s boom to twist near its base, buckle and fall, while one home took the brunt of the fall, two other houses were damaged while it also brought down overhead power and communication lines.

We believe that the crane concerned was one of the company’s crawler cranes, although it does run a few American Hoist lattice truck cranes.
The crane on top of the house

Damage to the roof


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