Losing the tower

A mast/tower section from a large wind turbine came off its heavy transport trailer as it was being taken to a site in Northern Spain earlier this week, and rolled down the side of the mountain.

The incident occurred on the N-541 road between Carballiño and Pontevedra due south of Santiago de Compostela in north west Spain. The long four axle trailer came off the road on a bend, causing the tower section to break free. The four axle tractor unit remained on the road. The rig is owned and operated by Portuguese based company Laso.

Thankfully no one was injured in the incident, however we understand that a power line was brought down.


The photos do not show load chains or web straps on the ground. The lack of securing lines makes me wonder if the tower was a just laid on the trailer. I know, that is absurd to think that, but OTOH it is possible the load was not secured to the trailer. I wish a photo sequence would be provided to show how the tower is recovered back up the hill.

29 Aug 2019

Look at the houses. seems like they were going downhill, and the brakes weren't enough on the trailer, so it started to jackknife the trailer, is my guess.

23 Aug 2019

Cornering too fast maybe but no corner ?????

23 Aug 2019
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