Cheap low level platform

Spotted in the South of France a man using a shopping trolley in order to place a sign. The trolley has many of the attributes of a low level push around scissor lift, except the guardrails are on the low side, and it only has one fixed working height. It is cheap though, and probably on hand in the immediate area.

In the words of our correspondent: “Attached is a situation I saw in the South of France this summer. A cheap alternative to AWP's, not really self-propelled and not really one for the death wish series. Although not totally without risk. Maybe the lighter side of working on heights?”
a closer look

We tend to agree with him, hardly a Death Wish but…. At the risk of being a killjoy, if the trolley did overturn and he landed badly his injuries could be nasty, very nasty if he was unlucky. Seems a small step ladder or even a box would have been better.

Have an enjoyable and safe weekend.


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