New Genie scissors

Genie launched a new range of GS slab electric scissor lifts that meet global standards at its headquarters in Redmond, Washington this week.

The new models are driven by the impending changes to the North American ANSI A92 and CSA B354 standards which come into effect in December. They are all fitted with a 'Dual Zone Control' allowing operators to switch between indoor and outdoor use on all models, with the Load Sense system adjusting the performance parameters for the environment selected. The system also monitors the actual capacity in the platform.

The machines feature the same platform capacities when working indoors or outdoors but the maximum working height is adjusted downwards by between 50 and 75 percent when working outside, taking into account factors such as machine stability and wind forces up to 12.5 metres a second. The lift and lower speeds will also be reduced on some models.

The first global scissor to be launched will be the 19ft GS-1932. The current European CE rated GS-1932 can work at full height both indoors and outdoors but according to Genie is ‘too heavy’ at 1,503kg. The new global version is 143kg lighter at 1,360kg however its working height is reduced from a maximum of 7.79 metres indoors to 6.29 metres when outdoors. Overall width remains 810mm. The narrower 760mm wide GS-1930 will also now be available globally, but has the restricted working height of 5.02 metres when working outdoors - making it a 10.5ft lift for outdoor use.
Product manager Mike Flanagan introduces the new GS-1932 and GS-1930 at the launch

The new Dual Zone control panel features two new buttons - indoor or outdoor - with the operator choosing the one required. If a selection is not made, on machine start up, the default position is outdoors with its lift height restriction. The operator can however change between the two settings at any time from the platform controls.

The global specification lifts will go into production in Redmond, Washington and Changzhou, China in November and be available immediately in North America and China with the rest of the world coming on stream early next year.
The new Dual Zone control panel features two new buttons - indoor or outdoor - with the operator selecting the one required

Product manager Mike Flanagan said: “Changes to the North American standards will impact all types aerial work platforms that Genie manufactures. The updated ANSI A92 and CSA B354 standards are based on the ISO standard, driving global standards commonality with European (EN 280) and other international standards.”

“Taking advantage of change in the North American standards, we had the opportunity to harmonise the Genie GS scissor lift family worldwide, offering a more consistent, productive machine that’s simple to use and intuitive to operate, as well as having the flexibility and versatility to be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Responding to feedback from customers around the world, the Genie scissor lift line now boasts the benefits of new commonalities in design, features, options and accessories across the full range, which simplifies the rental process and increases rental opportunities.”

The new Genie GS dual zone scissors can be distinguished either by the platform control - PCON - which includes the dual zone buttons or the new Genie Smart Link decal on the platform. From a distance, the new specification platforms can also be identified by the use of black and yellow tape around the deck - a requirement of the new ANSI/CSA standard.
The first model is the 19ft GS-1932 which now weighs 1,360kg however working height is reduced from 7.79m indoors to 6.3m outdoors

The standard also requires aerial work platforms to continuously check the weight in the platform and have a disable function if the load is above the platform load limit.
On the new scissor lifts, the Load Sense relies on the hydraulic pressure sensor in the lift circuit, coupled with scissor arm angle sensor, which combine with the load in the platform to alert the operator if the machine is overloaded via a graphic on the Smart Link platform controller, it will also sound an alarm and stop further machine movement. If the scissor lift is overloaded, weight must be removed from the platform to resume operation.

The new standards also adopt the 1.1 metre CE guardrail height, which requires the Genie GS-1530, GS-1930 and GS-2032 models, to be equipped with folding guardrails. The recently launched 13ft GS-1330m was designed without the need for folding guardrails.


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