Truck mount tip

The boom of a 64 metre truck mounted lift crashed into the roof of a residential building last Tuesday in Valmuevej, on the south side of Copenhagen - towards the airport in Denmark.

The platform, looks like a Palfinger P640 is owned by rental company AH Lift, which is part of the Riwal group. It is clear from the information we have received that the cause of the incident was the rear loadside outrigger punching through the tarmac sidewalk/pavement causing the machine to lose stability. It looks as though the outrigger mats used were standard polythene hardly any larger than the machines built in pads.
Thankfully the roof supported the falling boom and saved the two men in the platform from hitting the ground

Thankfully the boom came to rest on the roof and the basket came to rest a substantial height above the ground on the back side of the building. We assume that the two men in the platform – the operator and a stone mason were wearing harnesses and short lanyards and they managed to remain in the platform and were unhurt.
The cause of the overturn an underground void and an outrigger mat that was too small

The local fire and rescue service were quickly on the scene and able to bring them down with the help of another AH Lift platform.


My curiosity has these guys by the throat...because of their ignorance using inadequate mats or spreader plates, what will be the total cost of this inexcusable mistake? Why did they ignore the basics of lift science, the protection of property, the rule of gravity and the the need to keep this crane in service? We who work in C & A must ask ourselves why we are having so many incidents. The stories and photos appear on www.vertikal.net every day. Yesterday I had my Niftylift so beefed up on a slope with spreader plates and blocks to get level in a rocky back yard to remove a red oak limb 15”/160mm diameter growing above a residence. We save accidents through very detailed planning and mind storming our procedure before we begin. Yes, I am on a soapbox about this! Our industry needs a rude awakening, a cool change and a drive to get back to basics!

Oct 10, 2019

Most truckmounts don't have large mats - lucky to get larger than 500mm x 500mm squares. Noticed that some firms in europe don't even use them for cranes - just timbers to make up whatever size they want. and god forbid if a Hiab turns up with anything (yet to see a some timber or brick delivery firms' grab hiabs' with any!)

Oct 8, 2019
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