Crane recovered - UK

A crane that came off the A-43 highway near Silverstone, UK, and rolled down a bank last week was in the process of being recovered last night.
The crane rolled down a steep bank from the A-43 near Silverstone

The crane, from the fleet of locally based A-Lift Crane Hire, has suffered serious damage, but we understand that the operator was not seriously injured in the incident, although that has not yet been confirmed.

The A-43 dual carriageway was partly closed to traffic last night in order for a larger crane to set up on the highway and lift the stricken crane from its position at the bottom of the embankment.
The recovery is finally underway

At the risk of stating the ... obvious - with heavy rains continuing in many parts of Europe, road verges and ‘hard shoulders’ are more risky than usual for cranes or heavy transport. Constant reminders for those having to travel on smaller roads might be in order?


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